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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

1st Headache of 1000's

Ok, so I start the week off by going to do all the little STD test that have been requested.....Well in fact a bit more as the clinic gave me a complete STD screen. Only thing is one of the test requested from the Dr's in India could not be done. I scratched my head in puzzlemenet as the clinic Doctor explained that the test was not a necessity. Later that afternoon, I thought let me do the ring around and try to get this CMV Test done. To my amazement, no one would do it. Still determined, I called the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, certain that I would get my way. The Doctor's there carefully explained that to have the CMV test done, I would need to have a sexual health diease and be referred by my own GP. Well, as I have no STD's, I can't get the test done!

This is a clear case of West meets East or East meets West in the medical field!

.......also my boys went to the Lab just fine! Results back in a week!

No one said it would be easy!


  1. Well, I wish you luck, and I really do hope things get easier for you!!! Stay positive!

  2. Alexis, Thanks so much....Positive is the only way forward!