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Friday, 4 December 2009


After much deliberation, the Surrogate has been choosen! To be honest the selection really is about going with your gut instinct.........as what you see on the paper bio may not be reality....or perhaps I'm better off saying that it would be nice to meet and see the surrogate before making a final decision.

I guess some may resemble the process similiar to Internet Dating!

Now that the Egg Donor and Surrogate have been choosen....the next step is for SI to coordinate a syncing cycle for both and a travel date to Mumbai for us.

Most likely this won't happen until January....

...........STAY TUNED


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hello...Its always a tough process, we will be with SI in Feb....

    we are staying tuned..lol...

    Good luck and all the best!!

  2. Good luck guys. This is all so complicated. You'll be travel agents and TSA workers (or the UK equivlents!) by the time it's over. But fathershood...ah, so worth it!

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