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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

MEN 2 MEN ADVICE - The Semen Collection!

There was nothing that could have prepared me for what was to come in the Semen Collection Room at the Lilavati Hospital.

The room is located right in the IVF clinic on the second floor and is clearly sign posted ' SEMEN COLLECTION ROOM'.

Step into a very basic room, that has a bed and a toilet (bathroom for some of you). The first thing that you notice is the very strong smell of spice.....not a pleasant smell when you are trying to think about delivering a good sample.

The walls were dirty, the linen on the bed filthy and the toilet un-describable......simply put, this room was dingy!

This is a stark contrast compared to the rest of the hospital which appears highly hygienic.

You will definitely need some porn to get you mentally stimulated........

The best advice I can give is to take a magazine or two....or upload some clips on your IPOD.

This will help in trying to stop yourself thinking about touching the bed, walls, blocking out the smell and anything else grotesque in the room.

Be prepared!


  1. Hahahah
    That's hilarious but oh so true and common. Ah, the joys of collection rooms at Indian surrogacy clinics! The stories are endless..

  2. Hello from Mumbai! We arrived late last night and will be here through February 6th. We too are at the Novotel and would love to catch up while you are here. First day of doc appointments today (Thursday)! Feel free to email us at adistantmiracle@gmail.com . Best of luck while you are here! xo

  3. Oh my...I guess I should have told you to read our long ago post with photo of the outside sign to prepare you some.

    Sorry guys. :(

  4. My husband had the same comments to that room as you have.
    He hates that room!


  5. Wow. The room at Rotunda is odd but not filthy and not smelly. I had to go there several times. Since I wanted to give a "fresh" sample the last time was actually the one that was used for the baby that is now to arrive. I remember that day as the one where I felt as if I were at the epic center on my existence. Making that donation was a little part of it.

  6. We cannot even imagine...but, during our "deposit", the room clean, but the walls were paper thin...imagine attempting to do your thing, all the while, hearing a Mother scold her daughter in the next bathroom...arrrgh!

    Best Wishes!