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Monday, 25 January 2010

A Ray Of Sunshine!

I started the morning off with a visit to the dentist! Ouch!

Late in the afternoon, I ventured off to meet Dr. Sudhir at his office which is right next to the maternity clinic...(almost an hour drive from the Novotel due to traffic)

But before I go any further.....for all of you that are pregnant. I saw a few of the pregnant surrogate mothers at the clinic today.....They looked RADIANT, HEALTHY and VERY HAPPY! One of them could have been your surrogate so I threw good luck their way!

First up was sorting out our new surrogate. Dr. Sudhir had a few choices of surrogates that met our requirements , the box got ticked on one of them and a meeting has been arranged for Wednesday. All fingers crossed on this one!

Dr. Sudhir then took time to discuss a few other bits and bobs.

Tomorrow is a holiday in India.....so perhaps Juhu Beach will be packed!


  1. Going to the clinic and seeing all the happy surrogates, is the BEST!!! We never got tired of that trip.

    We are sending you lots of luck your way for a successful trip.

    Rhonda, Gerry and Blaze too.

  2. It's so lovely that you sent all the surros luck! Just gorgeous.

    Good luck and much baby dust coming your way.


  3. I wonder if our wonderful SM was there???

    Isn't it all totally fantastic. Enjoy your time in Mumbai and say hi to everyone at SI for us.

    Wishing you both the best of luck.

    Johnny & Darren