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Friday, 8 January 2010


I heard my phone ringing at 7:00am, but I was just coming out of dreamland so missed the call!

Jumped up eventually and it was Dr. Sudhir....

He was calling to tell us that it wasn't looking good for our chosen Surrogate as her Uterus Lining was not thickening as normally required (A (fairly) normal uterine cavity and endometrial lining are necessary in order to conceive and maintain a pregnancy).......of course this just stomped me!

How could this be? I thought to myself, better now for her to be medically unfit then when she is carrying the baby!

This means we now have to scramble for options......Wait to see if the Surrogate's condition improves (to be honest, we are not really feeling this option as her condition raises a red flag for a successful pregnancy)

Choose a new surrogate and wait to cycle again next month.

This is a complete roadblock and just throws my so called planning into turmoil!

Mixed emotions all around..........

Has anyone had a similar experience with their choosen surrogate and wish to comment?


  1. hi, this happened to us , even though they test the surrogates to see if they are good responders to the drugs before they become surrogates. ours just didnt respond this time. so we had to have another surrogate. its a good thing that they dont just transfer to a surro thats lining is not ready. a good thick lining gives an optimal chance of implanting so is important.
    dont worry, its such a hard waiting game i know and its even harder when you are pregnant!
    good luck
    goood luck

  2. this has also happened to me with 1 surrogate then another surrogate had a cyst
    this can happen to anyone
    its a good thing a transfer did not happen as a lining must be perfect for the egg to attach and around 12 mm thick
    it may seem like a road block but better this and maybe a few weeks wait than to transfer and have a loss of eggs and a longer wait.
    Surrogacy is a roller-coaster ride , try to be patient i know its frustrating
    it will work for you

  3. Sorry Gentlemen,
    it happens and as others have said, better to find out now.
    If you go through the Blogs, you'll find lots of examples of cycles being delayed because of this, or Egg collections which produced non- viable embryos, not having embryos to freeze or simply not getting pregnant.
    As G said, it's a roller-coaster ride with lots of frustration,no guarantees. Wish it was easier, but i am sure that the end result will be worth it,

  4. hi guys although this is frustrating sarah and george are right that it's better to wait. one thing to consider though is that you don't really have to change your plans. you can still make your trip as planned, leave your contribution, and let the miracle happen after that. due to some scheduling issues this is how i did it. just a thought. good luck though and let us know how it turns out!

  5. Yep, had this with our SM, only she had break through bleeding - these blocks are all par for the course. It's frustrating and disappointing, but far better the docs tell you and don't transfer to a lining that is not optimal and you get a negative. Sorry this happened, as much as we have every medical intervention there is, and we have far more information than anyone falling pregnant a la naturale ... nature will do as nature wants.

    You'll get there ...

  6. We have been through 3 cycles and in two of them we had to switch surrogates at the last minute due to break through bleeding. You might want to ask SI if they have a back up surrogate prepared. They gave us a replacement who that had cycling "Just in Case".

  7. The most difficult part of the journey is "keeping it real". Don't fly too hight but also don't get frustrated badly. There will be many more bumpy moments on this road but it will lead you to a fine destination and it's gonna be all worth it.

  8. Will you still have to go to India this month? Sorry I don't know a lot about this process.

  9. Thanks So Much For Support! It's Great to Know that Other have walked this journey!

    We will have to secure a new Surrogate that meets our specific requirements.

  10. We're sorry to hear the news, but the positive thing is that they caught it now. We're thinking of you guys and sending good thoughts. Hang in there! xo

  11. Hang in there, it will happen for both of you.