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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sprinkle The Baby Dust......Mumbai Here We Come!

Mumbai Checklist

So I depart for Mumbai on the 23rd of January, which is just a few weeks away. I am so used to planning business and leisure trips for myself that in this first instance I just got on with it.
  • INDIAN VISA - issued in 3 days from the Indian Visa Centre. I got a bog standard tourist visa which is only valid for six months as they do not offer a year long visa. Therefore I will have to repeat the visa application process again in October (if successful pregnancy) for baby pickup.
  • FLIGHTS - Virgin, Air India, Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Emirates, British Airways and the list goes on.. Think I'll stick with British Airways out of loyalty! There is not a lot of difference in pricing for direct flights....a lay-over in the Middle East might have saved me some £££.
  • HOTEL - Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach - Brand new property from the reputable French Hotel Group Accor. Their rates seem to be the most reasonable. If I am honest, hotel rates in Mumbai are not moderate compared to other Asian countries. (Hotel Review to come later.)
Now I just need to pack and relax!


  1. Have a Safe Trip! Many Blessings on your journey!!!

  2. Good luck and enjoy the moment!

    ***sprinkling baby dust***

  3. Enjoy the adventure! India is a life changing destination for MANY reasons. Best wishes for everything you hope for.

  4. Good luck and have fun. Let us know how things go and how your adventure went! ~~~Sprinkling Baby Dust~~~

  5. Good luck guys! What an experience it will be.

  6. sounds like you're completely organised! i'll be interested in a review of that Hotel. It wasn't finished when we went to Mumbai, but I would have liked to stay in it.


    *baby dust, baby dust, baby dust*

  7. ooo! so exciting. i'll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

  8. The Novotel is a good choice. I would have preferd the http://www.sunnsandhotel.com right next to the Novotel.

    Maybe you find the time and connect to the local gay community. Check out http://www.gaybombay.org. Small as the community is they sure need every support there is. These folks do not only still fight for their own civil rights but for ours as well. And their parties are usually big fun also.

  9. I'm fascinated with this journey you are making to become fathers. We are sending you our best wishes for a healthy, happy baby!