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Sunday, 24 January 2010

What a Day!

I was dreading the 8 1/2 hour flight sitting at the back of the bus.......but my British Airways loyalty paid off and I was upgraded. Nice way to start this part of our life changing journey!

Arrived in Mumbai on time at 11:45am.....a quick whiz through Immigration & customs.....and then.......

I'm not sure how I survived the car journey, these folk drive in a frenzied manner.....cut in.....toot......weave out.....toot.....cut in......toot.

Tuk Tuks, Car, Motorbikes, Buses, Tractors, Animals and People all coming together to create traffic from hell.

After a short 15 - 20 min ride, I arrived at the Novotel Mumbai which is located right on Juhu Beach..(well it's no Miami beach or Bondi Beach)

The check-in was easy and in 5 mins I was sitting in my room.

The room is well appointed with a nice King Size Bed and Glass Shower Room. My window overlooks the entrance to the beach.

I would recommend the Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach!

Off to Dinner!

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  1. Good luck. It is going to be some trip for you. Try to memorize every little pice of it. You will survive it and things will get better.