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Sunday, 18 April 2010

8 Weeks.......and growing!

We have reached 8 weeks and 98% of the pregnancy seems to be going well...

  • Two Separate Gestation Sacs
  • Good Choriodecidual Reaction
  • Two Separate Yolk Sac
  • Two Strong Heartbeats
CRL 1 17.2mm 8 weeks 1 Day

CRL 2 16.3mm 8 weeks

As you can see the pregnancy continues to grow, however there is a subchorionic collection.

Ms. M, our Surrogate has been put on bed rest and hopefully this will assist with a continued good pregnancy.

Referring to Dr. Google causes you to panic for a few minutes, but then as you research further you find that subchorionic collection can be quite normal in IVF pregnancies.

Our eyes are on Will and Michael who are running parallel to us and seem to have experienced the same development within the same time frame of their pregnancy.....and yes they are progressing well.

So for now, we just hope for the best!


  1. I am glad things are going well with the Twins! Yes subchronic hemotomas are quite normal and they usually resolves themselves. Looking forward to your next update ;)

  2. No panicking!!! We have had a lot of people with this, and they have all resolved themselves. It is common in IVF and more common with twins. Most likely the hematoma will bleed out and off you go! Best thing is bed rest - probably not even necessary, but the Indian docs take no risks. Try to chill and be happy. This is not a worry!!!!

  3. My sister in law said that she was the only one in her mother's group who didn't have one. so don't worry - this is VERY common.

    Congratulations on 8 weeks! Woohoo!


  4. Here's hoping that it all goes well!!! xo

  5. Congratulations boys!!! You have been very quiet don't worry us like that!!!!! Glad all proceeding almost to plan. Things with our bleed appear to be settling and our surrogate remains pain free and free from visible blood loss. Our clinic appear relaxed but our surrogate is still relaxing on bed rest we are happy with over cautious at the moment.

    Hope things continue to go to plan for both of us and we will meet in November.....

    Fingers crossed to no more mishaps!!!!

  6. Wow that's fantastic! I'm really happy for you guys. I can't imagine how you can stand being so far away from it all. What a journey. Keep us posted!