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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


So many words get spoken.........So many joys and pains are shared.......So many of us seek advice from one another........yet in most instances we have not met in person. The Surrogacy Journey is amazing at how it creates a common bond amongst strangers.

Thanks to all of you who have left comments as a means of support!

Thanks to those who have sent personal e-mails!

Thanks to those of you who are are now our cycle buddies and running a parallel pregnancy.....November here we come!

Thanks for continuing to read our Blog and providing that cushion of support!


  1. More so than just friendships though a lot of people tend to forget that the surrogacy blogosphere is but a small corner in the vast Indian IVF/surrogacy ecosystem. I would not be surprised if for each active blog there are probably another hundred++ people pursuing surrogacy/IVF in India who are not as visible. But without the blogospher as a guiding light and source of information for those who are not certain about India as an option you would not have the hundreds of babies that have been born already and the hundreds that are in the pipeline and thousands of future babies who will be born. The greatest gift that each of us can give back, whether we are lucky enough or not to bring a baby home, is to share our experience, either publicly or anonymously, so that others will have a level of confidence to proceed. As that wise old sage [and convicted felon too!] Martha Stewart says: "it's a good thing!" 8-)

  2. Love your blog and think you guys are doing a great job!
    Would love to do a feature on you for Goodkin. Check us out.

    What a beautiful family!


  3. We love blog friends!! It is so fun to have other people to cheer for too, and we are so excited to hear more about (and see pictures of) your babies in the coming months :)

  4. Though we may never meet eachother it is great we can share and learn from eachother. I remember when we went to India in September last year and Jon and Chris gave us their cell phone for India and it worked like a charm -- saved our lives! Thanks you two for being such great resources and friends to all of us. Good luck to all!

    D and B

  5. Hello Afro Dads-
    I'm just getting back on our blog as we're finally in well in progress. We're over at Rotunda but it looks like we're on the same schedule. I'll add you to our list, and would love to be in touch as we move forward together. Here we go...

  6. It's a pleasure to read your blog and your brave, warm act.