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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Happy Birthday! June 26th 2010

We have to take a moment to recognize the birthday of our Surrogate (June 26th 2010)...........'HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. M!'

We're hoping that she enjoys the cake and flowers we sent! (Wish we could have been in India to choose a better arrangement of flowers.....oh well the internet florist & to celebrate with you.)


  1. i can't believe it was just a short while ago you were so worried about the commencement of this whole ordeal, if it would even happen and look where you are today. before you know it, it's live. i'm so happy for you two. peace and love

  2. That is such a wonderful sentiment. Trust me she will be so thankful and honoured that you both remembered her.

    Things are progressing well...not long now. Time flies!