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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

23 Weeks and Counting!

Time is ticking....we are waiting....but more importantly BABIES are growing well...........

We are looking for a new set of wheels........and this is what the front-runner is: City Select from Baby Jogger.




  1. Hey guys,
    You're getting closer and closer. Good stuff.
    Stroller Theory 101 - some thoughts
    1. Don't let the "Baby Industrial Complex" con you into thinking you need a high-end stroller. You'll find after a few weeks of usage the high-end stroller will look like a piece of garbage given all the usage! The jogging strollers are a total waste unless you guys are triathlons and job every day. Strollers are not fashion statements, a lot of people forget that, they are a means for the parent to transport their baby around so that the parent and baby are both comfortable...
    2. Tandem versus Side-by-Side - we prefer side-by-side. Easier to navigate, except sometimes getting through narrow doors or aisles in stores, restaurants, etc. Babies are next to each other so they tend to play, hold hands, etc. I find tandems too tipsy and you always have to be mindful of people bumping into them and tippign them over. Plus, the side-by-sides are definately "butcher". Not that this was a consideration for us as we are butch enough as it is anyways! (hoping 2AD's have a sense of humour)
    3. New versus pre-loved - honestly doesn't matter, you'll save a bucket going with a clean used one. They all get trashed rather quickly. We are at the stage now where we need two single strollers, so we're looking to pick something up used for a few bucks.
    I would not consider buying a new one knowing what we know now.
    4. Comfort - we realized after using one for a few months that comfort is more a consideration for the parent than the baby. The baby will sit in anything and be comfortable. Seriously, that may sound insensitive but babies are very adapatable, lumbar support and all the bells and whistles the manufacturers try to push on you is senseless marketing really. It is the parent that needs easy-of-use and comfort handling the stroller. With that in mind, you need to go to your local Baby stroller store and try the following to see which is easier on you and your hands and shoulders and keep trying them out till the clerks chase you out of the store! Opening and closing the stroller, if it takes too long or it's not intuitive then forget it. You'll go nuts when you're opening and closing this thing with twins. Remember you'll twins, a lot of gear and maybe just yourself and trying to manage all that with two hands is almost impossible sometimes. I can't emphasize this enough - the stroller handling is a BIG CONCERN esp when yoiu have multiples. Weight of stroller, try to get the lightest stroller you can find made of durable material. Your shoulders will thank you in about six months time. How does it pack in a car? Or train? Or closet? If space is a consideration then this spec shoudl move up in the queue. The most important design for the baby I found is the seatbelt and clasp. Opening and closing it and how easy and secure that is. Some of them are horrible and once your baby starts getting mobile and fights with you, you'll go nuts trying to clasp them in if the seatbelt is not user-friendly. Multiply that by TWO for twins. Finally, the other feature we didn't consider was storage space in the stroller. Is there enough of it or hooks to put a bag or two on there. With twins you'll have to carry at least two bags with you at all times, especially in rainy or cold weather and you want to try to leverage the stroller as much as possible for carrying things to free your hands.
    Hope this helps

  2. Adding on to Jon's comments, for me the number one function HAS to be a carseat that snaps into the stroller. It makes moving from car to stroller ride so fast and easy. Otherwise it's unbuckle, buckle, and if crabbiness is the word of the day well...no fun. I have to say the stroller in the picture is very cool looking but you'll have to see how it actually works for your lifestyle.

  3. Love the stroller!!! Not long now...very excited for you both!

  4. Hey guys!!! Glad all going well..... The stroller looks great....... November is getting closer and closer!!!

  5. We got baby jogger as well and their products seems to be really good quality. It is good to visit the internet and read users experiences. This will give you a lot of information. Congratulations on your 23 week and see you in Mumbai!

  6. hey guys. We just bought this same model. It folds so easily - that was the selling point - one click and it folds in half.