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Saturday, 30 October 2010

11 Years - Let's Celebrate!

Tomorrow October 31st - Halloween - Our relationship reaches it's 11th year! Happy Anniversary to us!

In the Gay world this Anniversary equates almost to a heterosexual couple's GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY!

We have enjoyed our time together, learning, laughing, growing, exploring the world and of course at times shouting at each other.......Love has endured!

The time has flown by, but on top of this we are super excited about becoming Daddies!

We can't wait to share our 11 year of love with our kids!

"Love is a symbol of eternity.  It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end."


  1. Congrats guys! What an amazing anniversary present you ave on the way with twins!
    Enjoy a night out while it's still easy-

  2. Beautiful! Congratulations to the both of you and here's to a million more years together. All of you.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. 11 years? with the same man? Give me some tips guys!!! :) just joking.

    Congratulations! It's a wonderful number of years and I am very happy for you and the amazing relationship you have. Lot's of joy for totay!!!!

    we can't wait for you to come to mumbai

  4. Happy, happy anniversary. Quite the milestone guys! Very excited for you upcoming trip to pick up your babes...finally!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! You are about to enter a whole new dimension of love and it is all the more potent when you can share it with your soul mate at your side!!!!
    P.S. Paul and I are coming up on 12 years...we met our partners at around the same time.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Gregg and I were together 11 years when we had Sabrina. I now think of our relationship as "before and after". It's like two completely different times. Enjoy what's coming!

  7. Congratulations guys, that is a great achievement! Better than most people this days...

    I hope you have enjoyed your day!

  8. Happy Anniversary guys! I can't believe how fast your pregnancy has flown by!