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Monday, 18 October 2010

Countdown Glitch!

Just as we thought things were going smoothly.....

The Dr.'s had advised that our Surrogate would have an elective c-section.....perfect for us as it meant working to some kind of schedule.

Dr. Yash and Dr. Varsha both said to arrive in Mumbai for October 25th!

Well we've been probing the Dr.'s with question over the last couple of days so as to have a better indication when the c-section might be schedule for.

We got responses, but felt they were pretty general....and unfortunately general responses don't cut it with us.

We wanted it to be clear that we did not want to sit in Mumbai for a week or two after our initial arrival.....and still no babies delivered!

Yes we are excited but also realize that we will have to remain in Mumbai for several weeks due to the slowness of the British Embassy.

So today after being a pest, the Dr.'s came back to say that they will not do a c-section for another 3 to 4 weeks..

The babies need to FATTEN up some more!

So there it goes...back to the waiting game!

Patience is nowhere to be found when you've reached this point!

Oh Well........


  1. It is frustrating, but twins can be hard to predict as things can go from "perfect" to "rush and get them out" very quickly during those final weeks. How many weeks are you at now? Most twins delivered recently by Dr. Soni (the OB that SI works with) are being delivered around 34-37 weeks -- and some earlier. Our two sets were at 35 and 37 weeks. You really don't want to rush things -- the few weeks difference between our boys and girls made a surprising difference.

  2. As long as it's not my body, I'm all for c-sections. I mean, you get to pick the date! How great is that? If I could, I would pick the dates for all of my children. The twins were born on Valentine's day. Claire was born on 07/11, the name of a popular convenience store. Sadly, John was born on Hitler's birthday. Believe me, this was not choice. I'm afraid of the day when he figures it out.
    You two are so close and I wish for you the very best.
    I'll be back soon.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. As long as the babies are healthy and have good lung function, they will be fine. I cannot wait to see your beautiful babies!

  4. Good luck guys, but, uhm, you better get used to "general responses." India, as you will discover on baby pick-up and trying to get back home, tends to run things on general responses. It's maddening, but it all works out in the end.

  5. It turns out Lamaze isn't just for women! Take deep breaths and take it day by day...you guys are so close. I hope your twins stay in as long as possible.
    Can't wait to see your kids.
    Best wishes.

  6. Bummer on the communication issues - but being able to have a few more weeks in the tummy probably makes the babes super happy :) They have no idea what they are missing out here yet!

  7. If they are telling you to be there week 36, please listen to them. Word to the wise.

    Good luck

  8. Hang in there, this part is sometimes the toughest. Even if the communication is not the best, most often there is not a whole lot to communicate ... birth is like that. Rejoice in the fact you have your darlings about to arrive. It is so tough to be patient, but you have to bear down and cope ... almost there!!!!

  9. The wait feels like forever, but then the baby/ies arrive and life changes forever.

    Better to be early and wait. We arrived three weeks before the estimated birth and waited for two weeks. If we planned to get there a day before it would've been too late!

    Anyway, it's a huge pain but totally worth it!

  10. Thank you for all the support. We are waiting patiently!

  11. I don't have personal experience with twins, but there are very few surrogacy babies -- and hardly any twins -- that make it past 37 weeks, so I would guess that you won't have to wait 3-4 more weeks. Hope you are packed and ready to go!

  12. Oh no, I just read your post and can't believe it. We were totally expecting to meet you next week. Well, ultimatelly it is the most important for the babies to be well.
    Please keep us posted. We keep our fingers crossed for you.
    Ula and Saul

  13. As an American, for some reason I always picture English babies as fat little rolly polly babies in a Victorian nursery. So yeah, take a little extra time to fatten them up!