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Monday, 29 March 2010

2nd Beta.......3rd Beta.........and Finally!

Juggling numbers in a pregnancy is no fun when you are trying to equate to a baby or babies.....

Therefore we have been sitting on our beta numbers for a few days and here they are: -

2nd beta test - (17dpt) - 1946

3rd beta test - (20dpt) - 5166

remember our first beta test was - (14dpt) - 595

Ultra Sound Scan clearly show two defined gestational sacs - TWINS!


Two separate gestation sac noted in the uterine cavity with good choriodecidual reaction and fetal poles within. Two separate yolk sac.


1- 1.4mm

2 - 1.3mm

However one Sac is larger than the other, so hoping that there is some rapid growth

We have a long way to go still......next step being two heartbeats.

In the meantime, we have two Daddies and two wee ones!

Saturday, 20 March 2010


The morning started with a missed call from Dr. Yash, who left a voice message asking if we could call her........

Initial thoughts........why didn't she leave the results? why is there a need to call her? Literally, there was no indication as to whether Ms. M, our surrogate mother had a positive or negative pregnancy.

So, we call Dr. Yash back who so calmly tells us that the results are in and the Beta's are 595!

Yes, we have a strong POSITIVE PREGNANCY!

Trying to interpret the Beta numbers is impossible, so we'll wait to see what the numbers jump to and results of the Ultra Sound Scan!

THANKS FOR ALL THE BABY DUST THAT WAS SPRINKLED.........HOPEFULLY, MS. M, will have a successful pregnancy!

Monday, 8 March 2010


Dr. Sudhir had suggested a Skype call with our surrogate (Ms. M) today. However I thought it was just a bit to early as the embryo transfer had just taken place yesterday......

What do we say? We just don't know at this point!

Ms. M, does not speak English, so of course a translator will always be needed. But I have to laugh, as when I first met her in Mumbai, I was on my own. One of her questions was:


Thrown just a little of guard by the question, I thought I would leave it to the SI team to explain to her!

Ms. M, we wish you well as you endure this journey with us......and by all means catch the babydust that is being thrown our way!

Embryo Update

Dr. Yash has added her view to the matter of the Embryos and has advised that the 3 Embryos that were being cultured to the Blastocyst stage were not of a good enough condition.....therefore they have arrested (died).

So as it stands:

3 Embryos Transferred

3 Embryos Frozen


back to the 2 WW.


So, yesterday was the 'DAY'.........

We had 6 eggs fertilize to an excellent quality........we have 3 embryos that are being grown to blastocyst stage (giving them the ultimate chance) and we lost 1

As a result of all of that: 3 eggs were transferred, 3 have been frozen and as said 3 growing to Blastocyst stage.

The possibilities with BLASTOCYST: 1, 2 or 3 may develop to a quality that gives for a viable pregnancy.

If 1 grows, then we can consider doing a Blastocyst transfer in addition to the 3 that have already been transferred.

If 2 and 3 grow as well they can be frozen, or nature may take it's toll and they may be arrested.

In one great big breath.........WE ARE PROGRESSING!

The two week wait is here........

Sprinkle the 'BABYDUST'!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Simply Eggs!

We are progressing........On Friday the ED provided us with 15 eggs.........

10 Mature & 5 Immature!