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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


So many words get spoken.........So many joys and pains are shared.......So many of us seek advice from one another........yet in most instances we have not met in person. The Surrogacy Journey is amazing at how it creates a common bond amongst strangers.

Thanks to all of you who have left comments as a means of support!

Thanks to those who have sent personal e-mails!

Thanks to those of you who are are now our cycle buddies and running a parallel pregnancy.....November here we come!

Thanks for continuing to read our Blog and providing that cushion of support!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

8 Weeks.......and growing!

We have reached 8 weeks and 98% of the pregnancy seems to be going well...

  • Two Separate Gestation Sacs
  • Good Choriodecidual Reaction
  • Two Separate Yolk Sac
  • Two Strong Heartbeats
CRL 1 17.2mm 8 weeks 1 Day

CRL 2 16.3mm 8 weeks

As you can see the pregnancy continues to grow, however there is a subchorionic collection.

Ms. M, our Surrogate has been put on bed rest and hopefully this will assist with a continued good pregnancy.

Referring to Dr. Google causes you to panic for a few minutes, but then as you research further you find that subchorionic collection can be quite normal in IVF pregnancies.

Our eyes are on Will and Michael who are running parallel to us and seem to have experienced the same development within the same time frame of their pregnancy.....and yes they are progressing well.

So for now, we just hope for the best!