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Monday, 24 January 2011

FRRO - The Reality of Leaving!

Today we paid a visit to the FRRO - (Foreigners Regional Registration Office) to get our exit visas...

We weren't sure whether we needed to use a fixer or not...what benefit would it bring besides paying him R3000.00....so we decided to go it alone.

We had all the paperwork at hand, except for the letter from the hotel (the Courtyard were slow in delivering on this service)

We woke up late......(won't admit to what time we got there)....but we were supposed to leave the hotel at 9:00am

Right before we left, the hotel handed us the letter stating that we were indeed guests....the envelope was sealed and we thought all was ok.

We arrived at the FRRO - Mumbai to be greeted by the receptionist who checked all of the document, only for her to say that our hotel letter is on blank paper.

WTF......when I looked at the letter in front of her, the duty manager had surely typed it onto white photocopy paper and nicely added his signature.

After 45 minutes of one of us chasing a fax machine and repeated calls to the hotel we were finally able to get the right supporting letter from them. (maybe the fixer could have got us out of the letter bind)

Once back in the FRRO, it took a mere hour or less to complete all the formalities.

1. Enter your details into the online application and print off.

2. Head straight to the assigned desk without waiting for number to be called (Parents & Babies are given priority)

3. Clerk checks over all paperwork and adds baby photo to application, ask a few questions, gives us a docket with the amount to pay ($80.00 each - payable in Rupee's)

4. Return to clerk, where she takes the additional photo's off of you....writes up the travel notices and has them signed by her supervisor.

5. Stamp, Stamp, Stamp.......Thank you your free to go!

The FRRO - Mumbai is really not that scary and surprisingly very easy to navigate.

Big PLUS for giving priority to PARENTS AND BABIES!!


  1. OMG, I had no idea you are still in Mumbai. At least you are getting out of there now. Have a safe trip.

  2. Well done!!! Even better for waking up late, how are you managing that with twins??? Still something we are yet to master with just Harry!!!

    Have a safe journey home!!!


  3. Congrats! I'm sure everyone at home is excited to meet the new family. Have a safe trip!

  4. Have a safe flight home. I'm sure you are leaving asap. The embassy is great in Mumbai and easy to work with. The best part is no DNA testing for clinics that are well known.

  5. Wow...they really must have changed things up since we were there. Sounds to me like a "fixer" already went in and fixed a lot! Now get home safely. I'm sure you have had your fill of Mumbai for the moment and are just anxious to get back home and restart your life with your new family. At the same time, think of the stories you can share with your girls as they get older!

  6. God speed, and here's to your new life with your darling babies.

  7. I can't imagine being gone with the little ones so long...I bet you can't wait to get them home in their own little cribs and start just being a family.

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