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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Where have we been!!

Hello Blog Family, 

It's been 22 months and 1 days since our girls were born......Time has flown!!  We decided over a year ago to withdraw on postings and let our girls grow out of the spotlight.  However we felt that as surrogacy is such a life journey, we'd hang around as a support mechanism for others....so we still read the blogs and get loads of questions from our own blog. 

Magnificent, to see that so many of you have now had an addition to your first....we're overjoyed for you!

For those of you who are still attempting to start your family........joy will be with you soon! 



  1. It is great to hear that all is well. As you both know the majority of folks who travel our journey do not blog, and we all understand why. For me as a Black woman following your blog as to gay guys leaves me hopeful for the world. We will have challenges that the average intended parent's will never understand, so we are forever connected.

  2. So great to hear from you guys! Hope all is fabulous! Would LOVE to see pics of the girls if not too spotlightish. :).

  3. Yay...your alive and well...wonderful to hear from you four!!! Hoping for more post in the future but won't get too hopeful :-) Take care...and thanks for sharing your journey and inspiring ours.

  4. Hey wait, no new pictures of the girls. I know how it is to try and post and raise a family. Bobby was doing very good but lately he's been so tired with cleaning working, dealing with ME. HA

    Take care guys and lil girls.

  5. Joy will be with you soon..I am carrying that with me. thank you! You two are more than inspirational..simply blessed to have read your journey.Anaya and Kamryn are precious. LOVE, LOVE...

    13 weeks into my surrogacy journey ...thanks for the inspirational messages and exciting pictures.

    Tiara James
    Jersey City

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